DevOps for WordPress Part One

In this series I examine a number of options for setting up working DevOps processes in a WordPress development context. Through a number of examples I demonstrate how DevOps can be utilised to improve our development practice by promoting a professional, structured approach to managing WordPress development.

But first, a quick introduction. What is DevOps other than a pretty cool sounding name reminiscent of SpecOps?

DevOps is a term covering a wide range of tools, technologies and processes. Expanding the word helps to understand its meaning. DevOps stands for Development Operations and revolves around the tasks necessary to efficiently manage the development process. A particular focus of DevOps is the automation of regular activities.

DevOps can provide benefits to processes throughout the entire development infrastructure. From setting up a local development environment to managing releases to the production environment.

There are many reasons to include DevOps in your WordPress development workflow. These benefits include:

  • Increased speed and consistency of development
  • Increased efficiency and reliability of deployment
  • Improved quality of final product
  • Increased speed of delivering final product

The main areas I focus on are:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

DevOps is not a quick fix. It requires careful planning and preparation with a particular motivation to develop and deploy in a structured and organised manner.  If your aim is to quickly set up a one-off website which will require little or no maintenance then spending time on a DevOps set up will likely be overkill. However, if you need a repeatable and professional practice for consistently developing quality websites then it is going to be time well spent.

While the initial setup and configuration will take some thought and time, the benefits will soon make themselves apparent.


I will examine and demonstrate a number of tools available for DevOps processes. These will include:

Varying Vagrant Vagrants
Variable VVV*
Roots Trellis and Bedrock

* Really? Variable Varying Vagrant Vagrants?!

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