Dev Ops for WordPress Part Three


Here are the steps to get up and running with Trellis.

For further information, please visit the Trellis documentation or visit the roots discourse –

Local development setup

Create a directory on your local computer, 

mkdir && cd

Make sure you have write permissions to the folder then grab a copy of Trellis from the git repository.

git clone --depth=1 && rm -rf trellis/.git

Do the same for Bedrock

git clone --depth=1 site && rm -rf site/.git

Edit the development sites file


In this file, replace any reference to “example” with the correct name of your site.

Edit the development vault file


Again, change example to the correct site name and change any of the development passwords if required.

Change to the trellis directory in your terminal


then run the vagrant up command

vagrant up

Enter your administrator password when requested. Then sit back and allow the magic to happen. Your dev site will be ready in between 0-10 time units. How does that even work? Well, I’m not going to go into it here, but it does! Most times. Unless you have permission issues or other minor tweaks that need to be made. A bit of googling will normally get things flowing, but drop me a comment if you get any weird errors 🙂

Staging / Production

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