Installing WordPress on Azure

There are several different ways to host WordPress using Microsoft Azure. The two options I am going to investigate are:

  1. Virtual machine
  2. App Service

Possibly the simplest method to install WordPress on Azure is to use the Bitnami Azure package. Bitnami provides packaged applications for many platforms and simplifies the server set up process.

Click create and you are prompted for a number of server configuration options.

App Service


Sometimes when you try to push code to a remote git repository, you may come across this error:

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights

Here are a few things to check on a mac.

Start the ssh-agent with this:

eval `ssh-agent` 


ssh-add -l

This will list any keys already added to the ssh-agent. If no keys are presently added, 

The agent has no identities.

will be shown.

Add your key by running:

ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/your_private_key

Development Environments

When you are developing web applications, whether it is a Python REST API or an internal SharePoint solution, having a smooth development workflow is closely tied to having the right development environments.

Typically this would involve three or four seperate environments:


Linux commands

Whether I’m working in the terminal on a mac or on a Linux web server, here are my most used Linux commands:

ls -la

ls is used to list files and directories. The options I use most often with this command are -la.

is used to show further information about the files / directories. It is the long listing format and shows file permissions, owner information, file size and time of last modification.

hidden files and folders are not included by default. -a makes sure they are also shown.



Stands for “print working directory”. This command outputs your current location in the file system.



Useful key combinations:

shift + a
shift + e