Allthegoodbits.com is a collection of all the best technology, languages, processes, practices, design, inspiration, tips and tricks that I come across in my life as a professional web / app developer.

My Background
My name is Daniel Ohana. I graduated from the University of Cardiff, Wales in 2003 with an MSc. In Computing. I originally specialised in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) but soon after moved into the world of .NET programming. Shortly after I was enticed by the lure of web development and design and moved into PHP and WordPress development sometime around 2010. My latest interest is in Python development utilising the Django framework and I’ve been trialling it in my latest project at cruisingnotes.com.

I have always been fascinated by art and design and how something that seemed so simple could be so incredibly difficult to get right. This pushed me back to my studies and I now hold a certificate in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire.

I currently live in magical Western Australia with my beautiful wife, Felicity Ohana and our 5 spirited children 🙂

In my spare time? I enjoy outrigger canoe racing and I’m an RYA Yachtmaster.

I run a small web development business and I’m available for hire, contact me at ohanatechnology.com.au.